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Promotional USB Stick Guide

11th November 2023

Are you thinking about giving them away as a corporate gift?  Or going for a paperless office or a marketing tool as they can be uploaded with videos or PDF brochures knowing this can help us recommend the best USB stick or style that will appropriately suit your needs.

Transfer Speed

Two types of USB flash drives are currently available on the market. There’s the USB 2.0 flash drive and the USB 3.0 flash drive. The USB 2.0 flash drive transfers 60 megabits of data per second while the USB 3.0 flash drive has a transfer rate of 640 megabits of data per second.  Decide which type would be better for your needs for instance if using it as a marketing tool to play a video to a customer USB 3.0 is a better option.  USB 3 is slightly more expensive.


Most computer USB ports are either USB 2.0s or USB 3.0s. If a computer has USB 2.0 ports, that means it can only transfer data at the USB 2.0 rate, even if a USB 3.0 flash drive is plugged in. You will still be able to use the USB 3.0 flash drive in a USB 2.0 port, but you won’t be able to maximize the transfer rate capabilities.

Storage Capacity

USB sticks now come in a wide range of storage options. Most USB flash drives have the following standard capacity options: 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. To give you an idea of how much storage you might need: a standard 2GB USB flash drive can store approximately 40,000 pages from a text document, 1,900 regular resolution photos, 1,000 minutes of MP3 music, or a file containing 3.5 hours of a high-resolution video.

Style & Branding

Our USB flash drives come in different sizes and styles. Classic USBs are usually under two inches long and have a removable cap. We also have promotional USB sticks that don’t have caps like twist types and the mini metal ones. For more unique designs, there are bamboo USBs, pvc-glass and even have ECO degradable sticks.

There are also ones shaped like different objects, such as the USBs shaped like wallet cards, pens or key’s or for a more bespoke option we offer a range of custom 3D USB sticks like chocolate bars, trucks and bottles.  Think about your brand, logo and colours and what would look good.  Depending on the style you choose, you can have the option of printing or engraving information on the USB.  For the smaller styles, you can choose to print or engrave your logo or marketing message.  We have years of experience in designing USB sticks for customers so don’t hesitate in asking us any questions.

Promotional USB Stick Guide Examples


We know price matters that’s why over the years we have sourced the best USB Sticks offering fast reliable manufacturing Sedex approved and have CE, ROHS & FS accreditations and supply many worldwide brands. 

After Sales Service

Ordering USB drives from Deckard means you have the assurance of after sales warranty, any problems with your order we are happy to help providing our customers with the very best service.

Next Step

Just look through our selection of promotional USB sticks and ask for a quote, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see exactly what you need, we are confident we’ll find it at the best possible price.

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