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We Love The Planet Diffuser Spiritual Spa 50 ml

Product Code : OB-CL-105430

We Love The Planet Diffuser Spiritual Spa 50 ml. The Spiritual Spa Diffuser from the ‘We Love The Planet’ brand consists of several different 100% essential oils, that when mixed together, provide the most intense fragrance experience. Spiritual Spa is a popular fragrance. This relaxing and refreshing fragrance oil has a neutralising effect that combines eucalyptus, mint, lavender and rosemary, tea tree and basil. Having this scent in your home replicates the sense of being in a sauna. With just 2-3 sticks, these diffusers can last between 7 and 9 weeks with normal use. This set consists of a bottle with a capacity of 50 ml of fragrance oil and 2 bunches of small kajute sticks. The oil contains no synthetic fragrances, alcohol or solvents. Each set is supplied in a recycled kraft gift box with a sleeve. The wooden fragrance sticks are made from washed and dried reed, called Sida Rhombifolia Linn. These kajute sticks are picked by hand, and they grow like weeds in the wild. These sticks are extremely important in the scent experience. Due to being hollow inside, they load and disperse the scent far better than ‘normal’ fragrance sticks.

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