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Bamboo Cup drinking cup

Product Code : OB-CL-W07844

Bamboo Cup drinking cup. WoW! Reusable cup made from 100% natural bamboo. Contains no additional materials. Can be used for tea and coffee, but also great as a bowl for snacks. The cup is made by hand from a bamboo stem making each one unique. The size as also the capacity varies (between 170 and 210 ml) with each cup. Material: Bamboo is a fast growing plant with wood specifications. It grows to maturity in 5 years versus 30 – 120 years for wood. After a bamboo plant is harvested, four to seven new plants grow from the roots. No replanting necessary, just made possible by nature. Bamboo is known for its hard surface, which makes it a robust and durable material. The Bamboo Cup is made of 100% natural bamboo and contains no additional ingredients. 100% food safe. Not dishwasher safe. Each item is supplied in an individual brown cardboard box.

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